50mm EXL Louvre

Manufactured by DJB Projects in West Sussex

A small format louvre system offering a crisp tight louvre blade line typically on 50mm centres but 34mm or 38mm are also available to provide the ideal for small panels and window in-fills requirements. Blades and wallbox manufactured from 1.5mm thick extruded aluminium AW6063-T6;BS EN755 (H9TF;BS1474) profiles to 6063 T6

Why choose us?
Our 50mm Louvre is designed to offer an aesthetic appearance while still maintaining good ventilation. It also serves as a protective defence against rain, leaves and birds.

Louvre Type

50 EXL - 38 EXL

K Factor

13.90 - 11.20

Free Areas M2

47% - 38%

The above EXL louvre systems include bird guards

Optional Extras

  • Flanged or Unflanged frame option
  • Birdguard – Expanded aluminium BS1470 NS4 H3 / 1050A-H14 – Coated with panel
  • Insect Mesh – Woven mesh can be supplied in aluminium or stainless steel – coated with panel
  • Glazing options – typically 24mm or 28mm but can be varied to suit
  • Chevron blade option available which has improved weathering if needed
  • Can be made to suit inward and outward opening doors
  • 1.5mm thick aluminium blanking plate – Coated with panel
  • Or as above but also fitted with thermaflect insulation, bonded to blanking plates
  • Steel option available
  • The maximum panel size will be 2.0 metres square
  • We also offer 34mm or 38mm (or whatever blade centre size you need, depending on your requirements)

Door Assembly
Supplied with a box section frame which can be inward or outward opening and come complete with standard door furniture, typically lift off hinges, mortice lock complete with thumb turn but other furniture and accessories are available upon request. We then fix a 50mm louvre panel inside the box section. This also has an aluminium or steel option.

Colours and finishes
All louvre products can be supplied in a wide range of colours and finishes, including:

  • Mill Aluminium
    Delivered in plain aluminium material which will oxidize after a period of time.
  • Polyester powder
    Aluminium and galvanised steel louvres are coated with polyester powder in colours from RAL range. A stoved process which is supplied with an applicators 15 year adhesion guarantee. Coating thickness is 40 microns. As standard, marine environment is also available on request.
  • Stoved Acrylic
    Suitable for Aluminium only - colours from the BS4800 range.
    Not recommended for external applications.
  • Anodising
    Suitable for Aluminium only. Available in satin silver, light, medium and dark bronze. Colour variations can be expected.

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