75mm EXL Louvre

Manufactured by DJB Projects in West Sussex

EXL louvres have flexibility to provide many design solutions, with vertical horizontal blade form and rolled radiused blades for special requirements such as curved faced buildings.

The blade pitch is 75mm, however, variations in pitch are possible. Mullion supports and brackets can be at a maximum of 1200mm. Mitered corners are also available.

The EXL louvre system has been successfully weather tested on the BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) testing rig. For full information on the results please contact our technical department in Littlehampton.

Aerodynamic performance of louvre ventilation systems can be accurately calculated using the resistance factor generally known as 'K' factor. To calculate requirements for the EXL louvre system using the chart below.

White Louvres getting manufactured

Louvre Type

75 EXL

K Factor


Free Areas M2


The above EXL louvre systems include bird guards

75 EXL Louvre System Specifications

The DJB 75 EXL louvre system has been specifically designed to meet both the aesthetic and performance of a fixed louvre system.


  • Extruded aluminium AW6063-T6;BS EN755 (H9TF;BS1474) profiles to 6063 T6
  • Flame retardant nylon 66 twist lock support brackets

Aesthetic features:

  • Continuous appearance which can include doors
  • Front edge drain lip
  • Clean, sharp lines
  • Mitred corners to maintain continuous appearance
  • No visible fixings
  • Triangular, circular or rhomboidal shapes
  • Frame surrounds suit most applications

Performance features:

  • Optimum airflow (typically between 40% & 50%)
  • Choice of weathering performance
  • BSRIA weather tested (results available upon request)
  • Rigid system requiring minimum of supporting steelwork
  • Design allows linear expansion

Installation features:

  • Ease of on-site installation
  • Small louvre assemblies can be delivered fully assembled
  • Large assemblies delivered in part assembled form
  • Assembly details provided
  • Installation service available

Optional extras:

  • Aluminium bird guard
  • Aluminium or stainless steel woven insect mesh
  • Single or double skin blanking plate
  • Bonded thermaflect insulation

Door Assembly
DJB EXL louvre door assemblies can be provided within complete louvre assemblies or as an independent. Our doors can be supplied to provide a continuous effect within louvre systems being fitted with top and bottom pivot assemblies. We can also supply the doors with their own individual frame if continuous affect is not needed which can be fitted with our standard accessories and fittings or we can provide other fittings such as door stays, panic bolts and various different accessories to suit your requirements.

Colours and finishes
All louvre products can be supplied in a wide range of colours and finishes, including:

Mill Aluminium
Delivered in plain aluminium material which will oxidize after a period of time.

Polyester powder
Aluminium and galvanised steel louvres are coated with polyester powder in colours from RAL range. A stoved process which is supplied with an applicators 15 year adhesion guarantee. Coating thickness is 40 microns. As standard, marine environment is also available on request.

Stoved Acrylic
Suitable for Aluminium only - colours from the BS4800 range.
Not recommended for external applications.

Suitable for Aluminium only. Available in satin silver, light, medium and dark bronze. Colour variations can be expected.

For more details on our wide range of louvre systems