Brise Soleil Systems

Our Brise Soleil systems have been developed to reduce the amount of glare and solar heat that is radiated into the building. Usually mounted above or in front of the windows, the system blades can be installed at various angles to optimise its shading. This source of solar shading will minimise your building’s carbon footprint by reducing its reliance on mechanical cooling systems, and will in turn save you money on energy costs.

The advantages of solar shading:

  • Reduced heat radiated into the building from the sun
  • Great natural energy saving to minimise your carbon footprint
  • Reduces the costs of running your building
  • A great design feature on your building
  • Provides privacy for your occupants

Colours and finishes
All louvre products can be supplied in a wide range of colours and finishes, including:

Mill Aluminium
Delivered in plain aluminium material which will oxidize after a period of time.

Polyester powder
Aluminium and galvanised steel louvres are coated with polyester powder in colours from RAL range. A stoved process which is supplied with an applicators 15 year adhesion guarantee. Coating thickness is 40 microns. As standard, marine environment is also available on request.

Stoved Acrylic
Suitable for Aluminium only – colours from the BS4800 range.
Not recommended for external applications.

Suitable for Aluminium only. Available in satin silver, light, medium and dark bronze. Colour variations can be expected.

Quality Brise Soleil systems in Littlehampton
Our systems are available in a variety of blade types, and give great flexibility to fit all building designs, offering an aesthetically pleasing building feature, whilst still providing visibility through the glazing.